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So other than the two dll files, should I just replace all other items into the folder with the original binaries from enbdev.com?

I actually have the same question about ENBs.  I was wanting to use TrueVision ENB, which instructed me to just take the d3d9 file from the ENB binaries and place it in the main folder along with the TrueVision ENB files (overwriting if asked).  I did so, then edited the ENB ini files accordingly...but nothing changed.  I got the notification at the top left of my screen when launching Skyrim that ENB was installed and working, but there was no change in anything other than performance.  TrueVision required that I disable AA and AF within the Skyrim Launcher (bypassed that by just changing it in the skyrimprefs.ini) and turn the brightness all the way down...no change, just about a 15-20 FPS drop.  


I'll just piggyback on your thread and hope the answer to your problem is also the answer to my problem.

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When using ENBs remember that once activated they'll be taking some performance away (the greater the screen resolution the larger the FPS loss unless your video card is a mid- to high-end intended for high performance at all resolutions, in addition to certain effects), and therefore you'll have to be the one to adjust your settings accordingly (recent versions require that you also optimize memory allocation in enblocal.ini) by editing values in both enblocal and enbseries.ini.



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