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Importing player head mesh


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Is there a way to set an edited .nif headmesh as the player head? I used Racemenu's export function and was able to open the .nif in NifSkope, where I hope to smooth out the cheeks and chin vertices. However, I have no idea how to get that mesh back into the game. I found a guide for importing it as an NPC head, but not a player head.


On a side note, is there a special way to get the face texture to show up in NifSkope if you're using Mod Organizer? I got the mesh but it doesn't show the skin, and it's very hard to see any contrast.


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks! Also, is it possible to get heads into/out of Blender? I've seen tutorials for armor... to head meshes work analogously?


Edit: Sorry for my naive questions; the only software I have experience in is Blender... and Skyrim :P

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