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Help with a mod idea.


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Well i always have had a issue picking a house mod for myself , so i figured ill just make my own .


So i was thinking of like a little homestead that would have a small wall (like those little stone ones already in-game) around it with about 3-4 Smallish houses inside said walls.


I've watched the How to make your own house tutorial videos and i think i  know what I'm doing but i'm wondering how i would go about making multiple buildings in 1 mod .


Any help / tips would be fantastic.

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It is pretty much the same as making one house, you just have to do it several times. Each will need its own interior cell with doors connecting them to the outside. If you decide to copy other existing interiors be careful as it can cause issues with the existing one as things that are linked to others or quests are duplicated.

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