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Animations not working (Charaters just stand there inside each other)


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Hi, I'm pretty new to all of this and I just managed to install Sexout. After starting a new game and finishing the tutorial of NV, I tried to have my character offer herself to an NPC. What happened is that they just stood there inside each other and grunted. I've looked through the forum and didn't see anything that could help me. The NVSE Extender appears to be working and the load order is in the right order so I have no idea why it isn't working.

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at least it shouldn't be the animations fallback... you can simply delete that file.


This path contains the animations files: Fallout New Vegas\Data\Meshes\characters\_male\idleanims\SexoutNG

If the installation is correct it should be populated by many subfolders and many files, are these out there?

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You prolly need to reinstall it properly, then. You have SexOut but you miss the resources, the assets.

EDIT: the main file which contains these assets is Fallout Core itself, the same one which contains Sexout.esm. Maybe something went wrong during the installation, maybe something finished in the wrong path.

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I went into the FOMM and reactivated both the core and data and I have a lot more folders in there as well as the SexoutNG folder but the animation still didn't play and they just stood inside each other still. Do I need to start a new game or something?

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Whoops, should've read more before I posted... you shouldn't need to re-install though, just make sure all the data is there. If you don't trust fomm's fomod feature (which actually skipped a folder for me as well) then extract the files from the fomods and cut/paste them manually.

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Try to uncheck all the other mods you have. And try your mod, alone.


It sound like a conflict that i ever had with a file (animated prostitution) that broke the idles of a follower i've done for Fallout 3.

Sometimes, even with a merged patch, it doesn 't work and falloutEdit doesn t see any problem...


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