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Recommendation: Good gaming laptop with AMD graphics?

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I'm curious about a recommendation for a good gaming laptop with AMD graphics? :)


(*Request in advance: please don't turn this thread into yet another of those "no you shut up" "duck season/wabbit season" AMD/NVidia threads. Please.)


*Whatever I do get I'll be removing Windows 8 if it comes with it & going with Windows 7 instead, if it's easily do-able & simple.

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Is there a particular reason you want to use AMD specifically?  AMD GPU thermal design at the moment is not as efficient as Nvidia so very few laptops on the market will feature performance oriented AMD mobile GPU.  Unlike desktop, heat takes priority over just about anything for laptop designers.


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Thanks - some good replies people! :)


*I should have clarified: this is not a case of either/or re: laptop/tower. I have both, and will continue to do so. Each year or so I upgrade or replace one or the other of them. I just like to be able to play games I enjoy on a reasonably good machine when I'm away from home. I know it won't be as good as a tower, but "as good as I can get/afford" is close enough. ;)


What's the AMD a-10 processor like on those MSI laptops? I like MSI for build quality, but I haven't had AMD processors before.


(Why AMD for me? More idiot-proof. I had a run of 3 NVidia cards years ago, and had problems with all of them - 4 AMD cards since then, and not a problem. Probably just bad luck, I know, but it's stuck with me)

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ahhh yeah an APU might actually be pretty good for a lappy didnt think of that :).. lets not start an amd vs nvidia war.. amd = more bang for your buck.. ( usually a few hundred bucks cheaper on the higher end cards and preform just as good sometimes better than nvidia cards... nvidia = 10 - 15 degrees lower in temp ( if you arent an idiot you'll know that you can have your amd vid cards running cool as well even under load.. and its as simple as adjusting fan settings) but also nvidia makes solid products if you want to pay that extra few hundred bucks... also IF and i mean ONLY IF, you're running a PhysX based game nvidia will win hands down, as they come built in with a physX processor... other than that its clear amd is worth the 10 - 15 degrees higher temp ( not an issue if you adjust fan settings manually ) and it will save you a lot of money.. it will save you even more if you purchased an APU!

any info provided above is based on tests i've run with my nvidia / AMD cards.. i can to the conclusion that amd is just as good as nvidia and like 25% or so cheaper.

right now my two R9 270x's ( which are over clocked 1200mhz core clock and 1600mhz mem clock ) both cards idle at 32 degrees with stock coolers set to max.. and its not really that loud either.

where as my 770 runs at about the same with much lower clocks


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I had a client who bought up AMD A4s and A6s, and he said that as he wanted to run a Internet gaming joint and to save on costs, he told me, "play now, upgrade later" because he would like to have the APUs first and have them playable out of the box, before buying more mid-life upgrades such as added memory and video cards.


Start here:


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