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Jumpin Jubblies . . . I need some tips.

Monsto Brukes

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alright . . . I messed with Kalatorni's xml quite a bit. several hours over the last few days using JFF, but I can't seem to make it behave like I want. That xml has a good double going on, but I like triple.


The goal is a triple bounce with more travel than I'm getting at the moment. It's currently imperceptible. 


I can get the triple... but . . .

  • "Linear Motor" > "Spring Constant" and "Spring Damping" where constant is the amount of energy and damping is feedback reduced over time. Increasing constant is basically stomping on the gas.
  • Rigid Body > Time Factor will speed up the movement without adding energy. This however has a practical max of ~1.6 as anything more than that creates unstoppable jitters. even 1.6 is unstable as too much movement can set it over the edge and then you have to restart the game.

So i discovered that by paying attention to spring constant you can find the "harmonic frequency" between the physics oscillation and move animations. when, say, walking, there's a 'sweet spot' that, If off by a little, the oscillation is damped completely because the physics can't get synced up with the animation. I can find the sweet spot.


(btw... if anyone knows how the math works with all the relations, would you be willing to help me whip up a spreadsheet or simple app that plots it all so we can see how all the waves work together? This would be useful to anyone trying to visualize the info before taking a million stabs in the dark.) 


I was thinking that an increase of mass would allow further travel before return, but then they hang really low.

  • How does Inertia Tensor affect mass?
  • does of the fields besides the 1,1; 2,2; 3,3 have any affect? If so, what is it?
  • While I'm at it, what's the REAL difference between Linear and Angular anything?

Thanks in advance.


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Linear is the translation changes (go from point A to point B ), angular is the rotational changes (turn from angle A to angle B ). Hope this helps!


excellent. . . i'm thinkin there needs to be a glossary/dictionary that defines the terms of the fields. Optimal if there were math terms to go with it.

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