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Looking for tips to editing a mesh/texture to reduce its gloss.


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Im trying this mod out http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57646/? and i'm finding it seems to reflect a lot of light. I have already received some tips from someone on nexus and its helped some but I wanna drop this down a lot more. When I jump, bend down or do a few other actions I get a sun glare like blast of light off of these. The following is the tips I was given and have done.


"It should be pretty simple, just click the lighting shader property under the wings node. In the block details windows, find your way to "Shader Flags 2" and double-click the line which lists all the active properties. The line will turn into a drop-down menu, and from there uncheck the SLSF2_Back_Lighting property. That should kill the brunt of it, but if you need more, go up to Shader Flags 1 and uncheck the Own Emit property."


"I apologize that I neglected to mention that you should also try turning the gloss down in nifskope; I have mine set to 10. You can also try setting the emissive color to black. Beyond that I think there is an issue with the normal map as mine are fairly bright in sunlight as well, but unfortunately I'm only just starting working with those in blender. Hope this helps!"


I have nifskope, blender, photoshop so I should be good to go editing whatever I need to. The author has said hes gonna do more work on it but hes taking a break probably just for a few days hopefully but this mod is exactly something i've wanted for along time so I want to do some of my own work. I have further reduced the glossiness in nifskope to 5 and i'm gonna drop it now to 0 but if it dont work I decided to have this posted now.


Oh heres a standing ss of the white version it does look a little better now this shot is prior to the mentioned edits ive done.


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Ok thanks groovtama but honestly I don't know how to do that if you know a tutorial or something id happily learn. The textures included are just 2 "wings Featherd.dds" and "wing_n.dds"  my guess on gloss being the issue is more or less what I was told but it also did look a bit glossy originally to.

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