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Just starting out.


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I am brand new to adding mods to skyrim. so heres the thing, I have been looking through these forums for about 4 days now and I honestly cannot seem to grasp the jargon. It all kind of flys over my head sadly. So I would like to add some mods to my skyrim but if you had to talk down to me and explain it to me like I was an idiot, how would you go about doing so? I just need some sort of point A to point B list and maybe some choice recommended packs.


Any help is appreciated.

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If you need help to actually modding Skyrim, I recommend Gopher's introduction to modding skyrim


if you know how to mod skyrim and want adult mods like SexLab, which is I assume most people who come to LoversLab for Skyrim are here for. Check out this, the SexLab Index, it also has some links to tutorials on how to get started with SexLab and how to install it and it's requirements.


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