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TFC 1 disables mouse controls...


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Hey, everyone. Just a small matter I was curious about, wondering if anyone else had run into the same issue.


I like to take a lot of screencaps and when you get characters in motion it's hard to capture things before they change position or what have you. This is especially true fighting dragons and so on. Usually I'll just hit the tilde key and use tfc 1 to freeze all the actors then move the camera wherever I want, take the shots, bing, bang, boom, done.


Unfortunately, using tfc 1 seems to disable my mouse buttons and I can't figure out why. It's always happened so I'm not sure what mod combination might cause it, or even if it's just a bug from the game itself. I can use any key commands no problem, draw my weapons with R, equip items or spells, whatever. Try to use the mouse right or left buttons, though, and nothing happens. Using the enableplayercontrols console command has no effect. The only way to fix it is to close the program to the desktop and restart.


So, any ideas? I know the sexlab framework assigns a key to the tfc normal, does this have any effect? It's not of vital importance but it'd be awesome to get this working so I can indulge my screencap mania. Thanks in advance for any help!

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So it's just your mouse "buttons" that get disabled? Not mouse control like moving the camera around?


If so, that's normal. TFC 1 freezes everything. It basically pauses the game. You can't take any action. Only way to get it going again is to type TFC into your console to unfreeze it.



So if you're trying to attack with your mouse button 1, while using TFC 1, it won't happen. You'll have to use regular TFC for that, not TFC 1.



Unless I'm completely missing what you are trying to say. :P

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You are, sorry for the confusion. I should have been more specific. What I mean is after I release them from being frozen.


So I hit tfc 1, move the camera angle around around, take some nice screencaps, then open the console again and type tfc to free the characters. I can do everything with them after that except use the mouse buttons. I can run, use key commands, turn the camera with the mouse, jump, everything. Just can't use right and left click. 

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Ah okay. My mistake then.


Hmm not really sure then why that happens. Doesn't the mouse buttons control elevation in TFC mode? Are you use those or no?


Only idea I have is not use the mouse buttons for elevation and instead just stick to simple WASD and mouse movement.


But again, you might not even be doing that, so that could be completely moot. lol

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