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Skryim and Linux


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Ok I finally had it with windows, I was running Vista on my Dell Studio and I started having memory leaks all over the place. Start my system and I had .928 gb mem usage, do nothing for 4 hours and recheck, mem usage up to 1.8gb. So I blew out the install and installed Linux Mint Cinnamon and before you ask I don't have any other version of windows available that I could install on the system and Linux is FREE. Added the Wine game interface and Oblivion installed just fine. OBMM & OBSE both run fine and my heavily modded Oblivion with just about every LPK mod installed is running fine. I've been getting some crashes during extended rape scenes but other than that it runs like a dream,


NOW SKYRIM: I can install the base game and run it just fine using wine. I cannot get any mod manager to work with this install however. TES Mod Manager will install but it won't actually start up. NMM has an alpha release that loads but doesn't work right and does some other wonky things when it does work.


Steam just came out with a Linux client however the only two games I own that use steam (Skyrim and Dishonored) are not available for this platform yet.


QUESTION: Does anyone know of any tutorials or have any info on how to get skyrim loaded and skse running under Linux or thru Wine/Play on Linux? I've done several searches and tried numerous "Fixes" that supposedly would get your modded skyrim loaded in linux and working but so far none have panned out.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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 I was running Vista on my Dell Studio


Vista, as you may have known, is anything but reliable. I skipped out Vista for years because of numerous issues and stayed with XP until 7 came out (which by that time there was enough money to buy a copy of 7/64 Professional).


Dunno if you have come across WineHQ.




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I don't know the TES Mod Manager, but NMM needs the .net framwork installed to run, so you would need to install .net before you can run NMM in a WINE environment. The problem here is that installing the .net framework manually is a pain in the ass, because you need exactly the version of .net that NMM uses. To make sure you have the right one you should download and install all versions of the .net framework that you can find at microsoft.com, starting with the lowest versions up to the newest version, including patches and service packs.

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Ok, here's the deal, what version of WINE are you using, the stable version or the devel version? And knowing whether your distro is 32bit or 64bit would help, and beagle2 is right, you'll need to install the NET framework under WIne, as well as the associated DLL's for DirectX. You might also want to try the WineHQ database, losts of info on getting stuff running properly. Link: https://appdb.winehq.org/

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Mint is also far from reliable. 

Plain ubuntu/debian are more stable.


Arch based systems are the most cutting edge OSes available. If you need to get ahold of the latest graphics support.

Antergos is arch based, has a nice graphical installer, and comes with cinnamon(and many more UIs) out of the box.


Mint is the vista of the linux world. Avoid it.

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Mint has it's place. It is a very nice distro for people that prefer using graphical interfaces (or don't trust themselves with the terminal/root access). But fully wrapping and then modding a modern video game in a reliable manner is a tall order, one that's not suited for the Mint distribution or it's target userbase.


OP, this doesn't mean that it's not possible on your current setup. There are plenty of resources in the Linux community that can help you, and it also seems like Slammer64 is ready to give you a hand. It's not going to be very easy, though.


P.S.: It sounds like you're still between systems and so I'd suggest you give Ubuntu a chance. Especially if you expect to game on Linux without much hassle.

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Here is one step further. And its a doozy so prepare your self. Look into a 32bit version of ubuntu and test it only then if you're sure about your computer being 64bit install that version. After all is said and done look in ubuntu's repository for a program called PlayOnLinux. Its a dumbed down version of wine for those who want the windows auto install feel. But what's the catch? It still requires some research and config like wine. AND! will take some fine tuning on your hardware and software setting to get it to run like windows does. now once thats done skyrim will run smoother.

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hmmm you can run skyrim on linux theoretically the only problem you'll run into is most likely directx compatibility.. i'm currently routing all my internet traffic through my (linux based) tower..so im somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to linux. There is an application called " Red Wine " or " Wine " i dont remember as i dont use the thing for anything but routing internet traffic and masking my ip address. but that application allows you to use windows based programs in the linux environment... another concern is driver compatibility.. as i'm not sure GPU drivers are available for linux ( this could be a potential problem... and you arent likely to find drivers for your specific hardware. with this being said the only way you'd get proper drivers is if they were tailored for your pc etc ( which would entail hiring someone to code the drivers for you, which of course is out of the question). Mantle is linux based i'm pretty sure. BUT the game and the video card have to support it (R7 and R9 series AMD ONLY).. sadly the gamebyro engine does not support mantle (skyrim etc). I think you;d be a lot better off getting a copy of Windows 7 (pretty solid.. Windows 8 and vista are trash... don't run windows xp either its outdated and it doesn't support newer direct x [ directx 9c is all that is supported on XP] )... although linux is a rock solid OS its doesn't have a lot of driver support and that's what will get you in the end as its not really designed for things like gaming (its more geared towards a work station)

Now i know valve games are fully supported in linux.. but skyrim etc wasn't developed by them now was it ;)

Also a good way to find out if your computer is 32bit or 64bit, is to google the cpu model OR if your windows is still installed it will say in your system tab ( located in control panel under "System"

Hope this helps!



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