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How can I make a wearable light source?


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I've been wanting to make an equippable item that emits light, but can't find anywhere to learn how. Wearable Lanterns worked well for a time, but having a big metal lantern attached to your waist doesn't always fit your outfit.

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Candlelight would be good if it were easier to toggle - I haven't had any luck finding a good mod to create that effect. Having to cast the spell to turn it on and off is much more cumbersome than having light from an equipped item I can bind to a hotkey.


As for Face Light, I have that for aesthetics, but I'm looking for an actual light source for dungeon delving. Having to lose your off hand to hold a torch just doesn't cut it for me, so I got Wearable Lanterns, but like I said it's a bit too out of place for many outfits. An amulet or other accessory that gives off light is what I'm looking to make.

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Suffering a major duh moment. I completely missed that. My sister used a mod for a while that added a couple of enchanted rings to Farengar's store. One was constant effect Night Eye, which is kind of ugly without a mod that smooths over the effects of Night Eye. And the other was a constant effect Floating Light (which is just like the Candlelight spell). http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=30557

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That's closer to what I'd like, but ideally the light source wouldn't replace any vanilla equipment slots - that's my main beef with using torches, after all, just that rings are significantly less obstructive than the offhand.


Seems like scripting may be necessary to create custom light sources... maybe it'd be easier to jerry-rig Wearable Lanterns' functions into something like what I'm after.

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