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How do I DOS Box?


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I got this game called Syndicate Wars, made in the early/mid 90's from a junk shop, in pristine condition, for old time's sake. Unfortunately I cannot get it to run. the game just locks up and does nothing. I did the American thing and found a torrent of it, and even that won't work. The torrent at least makes it to the title screen, but there's no sound, and everything in in super-warp speed. I heard something about using a DOS Box, but wtf is it and how do I use it?

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games from before you were born 


Oh pleaseeee. 




BTW I did play Syndicate Wars back when it was new, on a new Windows 95 PC, Hence the "For old time's sake" :P

Thanks for the website, I'll see what I can sort out of this ^_^

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