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Need advise


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Hi. Sorry if this has been asked before.

First time forum. And sorry for my bad english.


I wanna ask. Is there any way, (a mod, a console command) to get a NPC to drink any potion?

Not health potion, but other potions like poison or booster.




P.S: if wanna know reason, i think i see them funny drinking poison even though npc know it poison, they still drink it. Because i drink one myself from the frostbite venom.

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If you're looking for an animation that has them drinking the poison/potion, I don't know of one off hand. But you can do a reverse pick pocket. Instead of taking something from their inventory, you put the poison into their inventory.


I do. I place poison in npc inventory when sleeping but they are not drinking. no option to select

no need animation actually. just want npc drink potion.

I know there's no such command to make npc drink and may never have

but really thank you so much for replying to my stupid question.

And also sorry for making you go along with it to answer question.

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