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NifSkope: Where is gender (or no gender) information in...


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...an Oblivion NIF file?


While running some existing NIFs through gerra6's tools one issue I ran into is having to select both genders to actually get it to run and output, without an abrupt abend.


I'm looking to see if I can edit the originating NIF gender data so I can then run these more smoothly en masse as a logical group.

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Gender info is derived from several factors:

1.1. File path(usually same as file name) includes "female".

1.2. Same as above, but attempts to search "_f.nif"

If the nif meets above conditions, it is considered to be a female nif.

2. Or if this attempt fails, it tries to find "female" or "male" in the texture paths (every texture paths in the given nif), for example footfemale.dds would satisfy the female condition.

So, if one of the nigeometries has any texture that is shared with any female-like thing, it could misjudge the gender.

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Actually, I think modifying the getgender method itself is the best way for you at the moment. You could force it to always return a fixed gender value - assuming you don't make any sense of python codes, I mean, because if you know python what's the problem? :P

it is located at python\app\lib\kg\file_util.py and under the class "load_nif".

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