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Crashing and infinite loadscreens trying to go outside in a city


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Got to level 50, now when I get close to a city or attempt to go outside in a city I get freezes or more likely infinite loads and occasional CTDs. I use LOOT and NMM. I have tried leaving followers behind, did a 31 day "wait" and no change. I can still get 1/2-1 hour play before a problem running around the hinterlands with 4 followers in tow and entering caves, etc. I can normally coc into a building in a city, just can't go outside. Any help is appreciated, last log with a freeze just by Solitude stables is attached as is my load order. Flies with =0 have not been selected to load, being trying to limit files and just add them slowly.  

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Did you previously have a mod installed that runs some script in that city and removed it? (or just removed mods that add scripts in general during your playthrough?) It could be left-over scripts in your save that cause the crashes.


Do you have a mod that adds a bunch of new meshes/textures to that city? (maybe you run out of memory when the game tries to load city's assets)


Do you have SSME? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50305/? (I think the new version of SKSE is able to do the same thing but I haven't really looked into it)

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This already have been answered. Check these links:





That is the problem from Zaz animation pack that has been resolved. So, rerun FNIS again and check if it reports anny errors. Also, run LOOT to sort out your load order.


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this is the only error I get in FNIS


Reading KateAnims V5.0.2 ( 0 furniture, 0 offset, 50 paired, 0 kill, 0 alternate animations) ...
>>Warning: AnimationList found in  "Animations\PND", but no corresponding Behavior file. Incomplete mod IGNORED.<<
I am assuming it's for this mod
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