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Recommended mod loadouts for Sexout?


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I'm finally touching FNV again, mostly thanks to a friend having pointed me here. I've gone and gotten my install as stable as I expect I will (anti-crash, 4G, etc.) and gotten what gameplay enhancement mods I really want.


Now I'm looking for advice about cosmetic mods and Sexout content.


1. Is there a recommended female body mod?

It seems to me that resources used in SCR are a wild mix of various T3s (Alice and Cali mostly) and T6M, with a couple of custom meshes thrown in for good measure. So I guess the question is: is there any single body mod presumed to cause the fewest clipping/animation issues?


2. Are there recommended beauty mods?

You know the vanilla faces and hairstyles are crap. So I'm sure everyone is using beauttyfication mods. I was wonderung, however, if there's any kind of consensus on what is most reliable with Sexout?


3. Does Kaws body jewelry play nice with Sexout?


4. Is there a recommended loadout of Sexout "utility" modules?

There's so muchutility stuff, Spunk, Lust, Clothing Evaluation etc. I understand nothing is really necessary, but I was wondering if there's a consensus set of modules to use for the best play experience.


5. What mods should I use for rough/bondage sex scenes?

I'll admit it, I like it rough. It sounds like I'd really like the part of PowderGanger Tryouts that isn't working. Which reminds me, there seem to be two optional enhancements to PowderGanger Tryouts, but I'm not sure if these would even work with a current install - Hardss Prison Time and HPT Kennel. What's the official word on these?


SewerSlave comes highly recommended, but looks ancient. Would it even work with a fresh install using current Sexout?


It sounds like Sexout Soliciting would be good for me.


Is there anything else you'd recommend I look at?



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1. Type 3 Cali is the most supported. You can also use Type 6 or Type N. Others will probably work fine too.

2. I'm using mikitos, real feel, t6mf natural version, t6m equipment replacer, type 3 sweaty skin, wasteland clothing hd,  corrosion dress, aradia kato, 3d pubic hair, and a bunch of Kendo2's stuff (you can't go wrong). You'll find last two on non-adult download section, the others if you google nexus (google is better than their in built search feature ;))

3. yes

4. They're all good

5. hard prison time + kennel do not work properly. I think sewer slave still does, and I recommend it, hopefully someone will give it some more love soon. Otherwise just pick whatever looks fun in download section, and read the instructions.

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So apparently, I'm not allowed to post links, which for some reason seems to keep me from posting at all?




Oh look,. I was allowed to post that. The forum software has some major flaw apparently.


Anyways, now that apparently I can:


Thanks for info. Guess I'll have to decide between Cali and T6M (for Kaws, I should make sure I'm sticking to one mesh as far as possible, wouldn't align well otherwise).


Sad panda on the rougher Powder Ganger stuff not worrking...

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