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high fps audio lag / stuttering


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a funny issue has crept up in my skyrim, i'm getting these regular glitchy audio  sounds when outdoors, sounds like a memory lag issue or some kind of bottleneck, the sounds are like glitches/static and seem to coincide with the HDD led on my computer, though not only, the game is fast in general as i'm using performane ENB settings, the sounds are worse when higher reserved memory is attached to enbhost.exe


but the issue is not ENB dependent and is more prominent when there are more NPC's in the scene, usually the glitches go away when running around the wilderness alone, also there are serious audio lag bugs, sounds from the UI and monsters in the scene may lag for up to 5 seconds or more...


its kind of annoying... any ideas or help would be appreciated.



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Could be bad/old sound card driver.


Goto Control Panel and change sound settings. It depends which OS you have, and drivers, but on my PC its: Control Panel\Sound, Playback tab, Properties button, Advanced tab. That "Default format" can make a difference.



Never had this problem in Skyrim, but had it in Morrowind and Oblivion. It was bad driver, driver/sound settings.


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