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Has anyone got this mod to work?

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My apologies if this is being posted in the wrong section, if so, please direct me to the correct forum in which I need to post my issue.

Most recently, I downloaded a mod [Wanhunyi for Bodyslide 2.1a] (Pictures included)


Now, I downloaded it just fine, and it installed just fine(Through Nexus Mod Manager). But the issue I'm having, is it crashes Skyrim directly after the bethesda screen. Does anyone know how to successfully install the mod? Does it have to be manually installed? Any information would be lovely. 


Thanks in advance! 







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You have taken it from here, right?


This Mod has some requirements and a fix listed in the page. Install the fix if you haven't done it yet and the HDT High Heels.


If the CTD persists, run Wrye Bash or open the esp in the CK and check if you have the file masters installed. A CTD at the Main Menu/logo usually is related with mod requirements missing.


Good luck :)

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