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Need help making male canine genitalia for new Wolf race


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HI all,

I just recently released a new Wolf race mod on the nexus, yeah I know, but I borrowed assets for the race which I can't re-post anywhere else.
If you are interested its called 'Lykaios'.


I've had LOTS of requests for the male nudes to match the females, and I am very new to modding so I dont have the skills needed to make either a static or equippable canine sheath for the males instead of SOS human genitalia. I know Carloss32 has one, but I really just want the non erect sheath like on the werewolf mods that are out there, or on the nude creatures wovles. Im not sure how to take that sheath mesh and apply it to the male bodies. Any help would be appreciated.



EDIT: I am also willing to trade my texturing skills for help!




Xposted on Sexlab framework.

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If I may suggest. depending on your skill level, I'd say try teaming up with b3lisario's Schlongs of Skyrim.

That mod seems to be the most used when it comes to male nudity (and functionality). I'm using your custom race and I must say, not only is it a godsend (I'm a huge canine lover and always wanted to play as one in my favorite games) but the head is well done!


But anyway, back on subject. If you model and b3lisario accepts to work with you, maybe you could model the type of genitiles the males of your race will have then pass it over to b3l for programming/animation.

I myself can model (I use Blender) but I'm no mainstream animator by ANY means lol moreless just a lowly modeller but if you want to give me a 'trail run' then I accept :)

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haha, well any help is appreciated! I really am terrible at all of the shaders, lighting, rigging and that fun stuff. I'm only 'ok' at modifying existing meshes for the fact all the hard work is done. Really i'd be very happy if you wanted to have a go making a mesh. I think what I'd like to see is a static sheath mesh which fits the sundracon body, then maybe find some sort of 'swap out' script for SOS when the character is aroused and use Carloss23's canine addon.

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Out of curiosity, have you managed to achieve canine genitalia for your wolf race?


I'm new to modding but jumped onto your race as one of the first I ran and would love to be able to see how my guy would look in his full glory and how do you go about customising the appearance?

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