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[New Vegas] Help finding an old mod that adds a gun store and player home?


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I had to completely reinstall Fallout NV and redid all the mods I had. Now I can't remember which mod it was that added multiple things to the game.



What this mod added were like extra content, including a gun store new good springs with a robot and a blue faced lady outside of it. You could go in and buy a house from the owner of the store too. It also added like, extra areas you could go in that had enemies to fight. Not really quests as far as I could recall, but there were notes and stuff so you could get a feel for the history of the place. I think it added extra NPCs as well, like guards and such around towns and more enemy NPCs.



I really hope someone here can help because game feel really bare without this mod.

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Guest endgameaddiction

The gun store owner required you to do a few quests to obtain the player home if you didn't have the caps to buy it. dj mystro's AWOP puts Bethesda to shame when it comes to interior cells.

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that's it!!


Thank you soooooooooooo much!! It's the best player home ever. I'm playing Tale of Two Wastelands and have way too much stuff to keep carrying everywhere lol. It's the only house I ever like to use. I never realized how much content this mod added. It's so perfectly implemented that I was starting to think most of it was vanilla.



Thank again!

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