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Player outift mod, gauging interest.


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I've been working on a mod that allows you to have outfits that appear on the player character regardless of the armors that are equipped. This means you can, for example, have your character look as if they're wearing a Thieves Guild armor set, while they have an Ebony armor set equipped. Just about anything is possible, including different bodies and skin textures.


It should work for followers and other NPCs as well, although I haven't tested that yet. It should also work for any race (currently only humans are supported). The only drawback seems to be that it uses a few unused item slots, so it won't work with item mods that use these slots (may be fixable somehow).


If the interest in this mod is high enough, then I'll develop it into a releasable mod.


Anyone interested?

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I am interested! Is there any way to use it with custom meshes??

Yes! It's currently set up to use meshes that are placed in separate folders. Basically you have six meshes:

There are currently five folders for five different outfits (of which one is the default outfit).


The textures for the armors are located in their original folders, while the skin textures for the body parts of an armor are located in five separate folders just like the meshes (to allow different bodies).


Also, HDT high heels are supported. The mod has it's own config menu where you can specify the height of the player character for each outfit, and this has no effect on enchantments on equipped foot wear.

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Guest Kazuma

So 5 folders means you rotate through 5 body armors ingame?  If so, and if the number of folders is flexible, I could imagine this mod being quite popular.   It's like dressup with no inventory and balance issues.   A video showcasing a nice rotation would draw very fast appeal. 


Would it be hard to factor in Texture sets? 

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So 5 folders means you rotate through 5 body armors ingame?



if the number of folders is flexible

Currently it's not, because everything has been added in the Creation Kit. Changing meshes using a script is easy, the problem is changing the skin textures. Haven't put much thought into that yet, so it may turn out to be easy. If I can somehow control the skin textures through a script, then I can get rid of the current five outfits limitation.


It's like dressup with no inventory and balance issues.

Indeed. The only thing that happens is that an item is equipped whose armor addons simply have a very high priority, and therefore override all the other apparel.


Would it be hard to factor in Texture sets?

They're already present, but I've only used them for an Imperial character.

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Guest Kazuma

I thought I saw a mod out there that can change skin textures... race menu? or maybe that's just overlays



ok, this looks similar, but more geared towards various body types.

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ok, this looks similar, but more geared towards various body types.

That mod works by having a skin for each body that is then set with SetSkin(). The skin definitions include the textures, and I don't think you can change them.


Perhaps it's a better idea if I set it up to allow selecting one of five skins, and have the outfit selection be separate from that. The number of selectable skins can always be increased later, and it removes the number of outfits limitation.


Then there is also the matter of using an item for the outfit, or changing a skin mesh directly. I just found that it's possible to have a skin override all apparel, meaning you don't need an item anymore. It's probably the best way, because it doesn't interfere with items that use extra slots, not to mention that when you want to add outfit pieces, you also have to use additional slots.

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The mod now works as follows:


1. Select an outfit.

2. Select a matching skin. This will show up immediately, so you can see if it's the right one.


Outfits remember the skin that was selected, so you only have to pick the right skin once. Skins and outfits are selected separately.


There are currently five skins (can be extended if need be), and the number of outfits is currently limited by the number of options in a single message box (I think it's nine). That can be taken care of later. The number of outfits is technically only limited by the maximum array size that Papyrus allows, which is 128 elements (there are workarounds for that).


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