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2Questions regarding body slide and body replacers


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1. Is there anyway to keep the butt bounce without the boobs bouncing? 

some armors like most heavy armors doesn't make sense for the breast plate to jiggle but if they are just wearing underwear their butt should still bounce is this possible? 


2. Cbbe has a lot of animation issues where the mesh does weird things during sex but dream girl wouldn't. Dream girl does not have good customization like bodyslide. Is anyone working on something to improve this or have a solution?

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1. Remove the weight paint from the breasts in the specific armour mesh OR, attach a custom hdt.xml to the armour via nifskope with the breast entried removed.


2. There is my current project citrus and also stuffed_bunny's excellent UNP bodyslide. The animation issues is because CBBE has terrible weighting (really terrible) and also the lower polycount doesn't help.

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