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ReProccer Issue


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Guest carywinton

According to the message displayed you are missing a Master file. Sky_Re Main.esp, which is odd since it shows as being there. Ordinarily an *.esp file is not a Master to another *.esp, it is usually an *.esm. I have never used the application you are using here, "ReProccer"? It seems to be written in Java. I read the OP on the program and it states it requires Skyrim and DawnGuard , do you have this DLC too?


I see it is designed to reset or add stats, names, etc. for weapons and such.  This would be quite a time saver, but I see where serious problems would arise from it.

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Think about, why a master file stand above all the files which are needing it as master..


Oh you mean put calyps dragon priest masks below it.





Ok, so I input a rule in boss to place it below skyre, but it says it's in the masterlist and doesn't use the rule, and reproccer runs boss everytime ...

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