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[Request] Atronach Stone


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maybe someone could fix it to be like in oblivion

Fortify Magicka 150 points on Self

Spell Absorption 50% on Self

Stunted Magicka on Self (prevents standard magicka regeneration)


I sorta don't like the regen of magicka as fast as it is I'd rather it be the real sign not this easy throw away sign that barly changes the game


maybe all signs could be changed back to oblivion's equivlent make the game a little less childish and more rpg.

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Try this' date=' I threw it together in a few minutes.


I don't use Atronach Stone myself so I haven't really tested it, but based on my understanding of the spell that runs it this should work fine.

Give it a try and tell me how it goes.





Thank you it works like a charm exactly what the game should have had to start with >:P

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