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deleting specific pieces to custom armor


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So not sure if this topic fits in technical or discussion, but I am curious, if I download a custom armor that includes gloves, boots, etc and I really only want a single thing from it, can I delete the mesh and textures and still have the remaining pieces work?


Take this pack for instance. Its 3GB worth of stuff I couldn't care less about and maybe only 1-2 things in there I really would ever use. Could I go into the mesh and texture folders and delete the stuff I don't want without having the entire thing fail?

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Nifskope for removing parts of an armor that is all in one nif file, as Robton said.

Use tesvedit to remove entire items you don't want from the .esp files (armor/armor add-on entries, as well as crafting/upgrading recipes)


Already know about Nifskope, that wasn't what I was asking, tho Cyndi answered the question. Thanks.

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