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Looking for a guide on how to match texture colors.


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I have two head textures that doesn't quite match up with the body textures.

The texture itself matches but the colors are off, and I would like to fix the issue.

Of course if anyone is willing to take this project on in their spare time instead, I would appreciate it xD

So is there a guide out there somewhere on how to do this?

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Guest carywinton

I would say this to help get you going, first off you will need a good graphics program for the texture, GIMP is good and free, allot of plug-in support as well so you can deal with all the various importing and exporting. any CS Photoshop versions from about 3 on should also have what you need and plug-ins are readily available for most versions, but it's very expensive.


As to the actual tutorials themselves there are quite a few, but they will depend on what software you are comfortable with and have. If you can give me some idea of what 2D and possibly 3D programs you have and are fairly comfortable with working in, I can point you to some pretty good ones. I switch between Photoshop and GIMP because especially with textures, I can never seem to get just the right shade in it without putting it in the original program it was developed in. For 3D stuff Blender is starting to catch hold as even a few developer houses use it. The other alternative is 3DS Max or Maya, both very expensive.

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If you can show me what you want exactly I can probably fix it in photoshop real quick for you. it sounds like a quick fix


also if you want a powerful tool but don't want to buy/get photoshop you can try www.sumopaint.com/
It's prety much a free photoshop clone
I'm actually asmazed how long sumo paint has been around now, i'd figure they'd have gotten sued by now considering how much it looks and works like photoshop

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I have photoshop 5, and GIMP, but I prefer photoshop. I'm not really good at image editing to say the least, but I'm going to try. XD

Hentaijin, I have sent you a message.

I will check out the UNP Texture Blender, but on first look I'm not sure it covers Khajiits. But I may be able to apply the texture to another race since I use a a human head.

And it is for the PC and NPC's alike. The mod overwrites both body and head meshes and both body and head textures. I'm quite certain I have this bug on NPC's, so this bugfix should be very useful. Thank You Gray Rune for the link. I just need to figure out how to apply the fix XD (new at modding)


Edit: Tried blender and it colored the seam with human colors and made it worse lol. I'll keep trying, might be a reason for that, but I'm not optimistic about the blender working at this point :(

Tried it again with different setups, but I cant get the blender to work properly with the textures. It might be that I don't know exactly what to do, but I doubt I'll get the UNP blender to work properly with these khajiit textures.

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Guest carywinton

Well it looks like you got some really great suggestions from the good folks here, if I can help further let me know, I agree with you on Photoshop it's usually the defacto go to program, but this SumoPaint does sound interesting. The facegen data solution works pretty well in most cases, using the Ctrl-F4 in CK with the Actors selected, hopefully that might help you some.

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Guest carywinton

Yes, but having the program and knowing how to use it for what I want are completely different.


Ok then, this is where it's time to start getting some tutorials for texture blending in Photoshop with Skyrim, I am certain there must be some good tutorials for this here on "LL" somewhere, I will start hunting around and see what I can find.


I found this tutorial which seemd to be pretty good, it helps you get Photoshop set up to edit and work with the *.dds file format and how to work with texturtes. I hope this helps get you started some. Let me know if I can help you further.



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For a simple solution, try this mod. it should be able to sort your issues with the player character, though it won't sort the issue with NPCs.


Just a tip that's not really explained on the nexus page though, don't set the opacity too high or it'll cover up other face colour sliders.

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