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some questions i need help with


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1.- deadly reflex & unnecessary violence


i just want to know why after installing those two with the corresponding skelleton, once i go into first person i end up with an aeral vision of everything, i have to look down on enemies and stuff while i'm no taller than them


2.- .gpk files of tera online


just asking about what exactly opens those files, i know it could be done, skyrim has tera full suits, oblivion has tera armors, i just wanna know what opens them so i could work on tera races, for oblivion, maybe port them to skyrim also, once the SE and CS are accessable for modders, i got those .gpk extracted to a folder, then got lots of skeletal meshes...and skelletal mesh sockets... i dunno what opens them tough, because i only have blender


those are all my questions, well i have another that i saw on a video, but that's more for "what mod is this"


for all your help thanks, because i know you all are really helpfull and also think about others, i was wondering about how to put a horn into a mesh too, but i'll keep working on it a bit more before asking seriously for real help

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