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Devious Devices Not working


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I recently installed both devious devices integration and assets through nmm. When in game i can equip any of these items but they will not appear on my model. Also they come off instantly. The only model that shows up is the armbinder, it appears on my characters back while her arms stay free.

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uninstall all DD mods. start the game and load your save. Wait a minute or so, then save in a new slot. Close skyrim and run a save cleaner (optional but recommended). install all DD mods in the correct order - Assets, integration, others. Run LOOT. load the clean save.

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Integration is not working properly, check that the MCM menu is working correctly. If not, disable the mod, load the game and save then reload the game, that should (hopefully) get the MCM menu going.


A lot of mods recently have issues with MCM menu not showing up.


Am seeing a lot of fixes involving uninstalling hyd_slavegirls version 811, getting the menu up then load slavegirls mod.


Just an observation, was happening with ZAZ and SOS as well.

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