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The Ranch dressing project is seeking help.


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I'm seeking to bridge the gap between gaming, affection, and weird pornography in a friendly way.

I'm not talking about the hamfisted attempts made by gamesofdesire, second life, or (insert bad game here), but rather a game that makes actual efforts in providing solid aesthetics while still not taking itself too seriously.


A game with actual characters with hopes and dreams rather than slabs of meat. 


Personality in every action. Friendship we can all jerk off to. And more importantly: A pornographic game that doesn't suck beyond all comprehension.

Ranch Dressing.


A singleplayer game with possible multiplayer features, which exists on the outer fringes of reality.


The realm at which the player begins is a simple affair. A little town floating in infinity. A shop, a home, an arcade, and a portal exist here.


The Shop.



The shop is more like a dorm room in the 60s than a straight-up shop. Plastered in posters, covered in laundry and seemingly old pizza boxes, lava lamps as far as the eye can see, the merchant sits back in a beanbag, tokes up, and masturbates. She has an average build, wearing heart-shaped shades and sporting poofy pink pigtails. The player, upon buying something, gets a handjob, footjob, or prostate milking according to preference. Thus introduces the AP system. Upon expressing or receiving affection, the player gains Affection Points. These Affection Points are removed as semen from the player, as the player is an entity apart from humans. An abstract humanoid figure adhering to somewhat cartoonish proportions. In the shop, the player can buy:



Special items,


Room decorations,

House upgrades,

and perhaps some other categories we'll think of together.


Item types:



Characters are the star of the show, as they can be boned. They'll be about as straightforward as every character in high tail hall, but the difference is that they won't just be a fuckhole or a dick you can ride. What I want to do with this is put together an environment in which everyone involved cares about the player. They'll be excited about specific achievements (depending upon their own interests) that you've made whenever you visit them or they visit you, they'll hold you when you're sad, and they'll tell you it's okay when you don't feel like it is. Players will have the option to just cuddle and/or get to know them rather than jump right in, which is also fine. Not a leap in AI whatsoever, but something that can grant some catharsis, which is honestly something we're all looking for in all of these mods we download anyway, right?


Special items: Special Items are items that are consumable or permanent, available in Features-- which will be discussed in the arcade segment.


Accessories: Accessories are things the player will be able to wear on their avatar or purchase for other characters.


Room decorations: The player will be able to add interactable objects to their home. 


House upgrades: Upgrades to floorspace, mostly. This category involves the deed to the house itself and different looks for the outside of the house. The house will be bigger on the inside than on the outside.










A place to rest the player's head. A phone hangs on the wall, next to the door. The player is able to set the modes of Do Not Disturb and Available. Characters will call the player randomly to ask to come over. The player can also call them up to ask them to come over. Every character's home will be assembled with the same method as the player's, which assumes that everyone has a similar setup going on. All decorations are movable within an 'edit mode', including the phone. A bookshelf which holds all of the player's achievements is also viewable, the player being able to rearrange them however they want to show off a little. This bookshelf is movable as well.



The Arcade.


The entrance to the actual game part of Ranch Dressing. The interior is remniscent of casino areas in games such as Super Mario Sunshine and Sonic Adventure DX, looking grandoise and holding many things to interact with. The entire team will pitch ideas for this, and while I have a bunch of ideas myself, I would rather have a vote occur. We will have 3-6 main features which will be developed side-by-side, each feature starting very small and unfolding as we gain expertise. There is also a currency translator machine, which milks the user's AP and spits out various game currencies. Then there's a shop, which contains game-specific consumables for currencies. Some game currencies will unlock miscellanous upgrades for other games. There will be very little sexual involvement in any of the games.



The Portal


The Portal takes the player to every other character's rooms. The portal will show up in the player's room when character summons are accepted. The interior of the portal is an elevator which should probably be playing some vaporwave. Buttons appear as characters are unlocked.



I honestly have very little coded at this point. I have a few models which need face lifts.


The idea, for now, is to get things working separately and work out a pipeline so everyone in the team is able to add objects or entire characters without having to build the project again. 


We have:

Some concept art

A concept artist (Sharona)

One *okay* 3D artist (Me)

One amateur coder (Me)

One mediocre Animator(Me).

One writer/designer(Me)

One mapper(Me)


Four character designs.


What we need:

Web hosting

An HTML5 coder


More C# coders

More animators (preferably using blender)

More 3D artists

Another concept artist

More texture artists

More character ideas, and more mappers


The project is to be presented to offbeatr once a demo is released. We're going to formulate a total offbeatr goal once we have a good idea on how many people there will be on the project. A vote between team members will decide the manner at which we will profit from then on, regardless of if we reach our goal or not. A split between team members and the site's costs will be Exactly Equal, apart from my take-- which will also be decided in a vote and will not be disputed by myself once decided.


Please PM me if you're interested. Alternatively, my skype username is akigawa11 and my art tumblr is floppysnawa.tumblr.com.


The end goal in all of this, regardless of profit, is to give people something they can come home to and enjoy. Thank you for reading.

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You ask for a lot and I know I find life rather distracting, quite often. Plus I quite routinely get overwhelmed by my own goals and then make only a small fraction of the progress which I feel I should be making.


Do you have any specific small tasks which someone could get started on, and maybe help without having to know whether they will be able to continue for any longer period of time?



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You ask for a lot and I know I find life rather distracting, quite often. Plus I quite routinely get overwhelmed by my own goals and then make only a small fraction of the progress which I feel I should be making.


Do you have any specific small tasks which someone could get started on, and maybe help without having to know whether they will be able to continue for any longer period of time?


That's a good question, and I actually have a lot of those. If you add me on steam or skype, we can discuss things. 

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Meet Roz. She's a BioRobotic Engineer. She makes Biodroids for many purposes, usually as pets. Biodroids are short femboys made of a squishy nano-tissue. Each one has its own assigned personality and colour. She programmed them to be dependent on her and her guests for affection and sexual release. 

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I'm bumping this thread.

It's not gotten any attention whatsoever.

This has been a real effort by me for about a year.

I've had trouble piecing together the programming knowledge required, and no matter what I do I have problems understanding a lot of things.

I can write, I can make 3D art, and I have a determined goal. All I need is the support of people who can do the things I can't.

Thank you for your time.

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