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T-pose when entering combat.


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So, after making a mistake with updating my copy of Mod Organizer, I lost all of my mods and have to start from scratch.



This is my current mod order, and priority list, stuff is fine to move around, and some things will still be changed as they need but that's not really that important.


What's is important is the title issue, upon drawing a one-handed weapon, or moving while in a combat ready position my character goes into the T-pose, meaning I've done something terribly wrong in installing mods and or running FNIS. Here are a couple of shots showing what I mean.



(I can't record video, so you have to take my word that I'm moving in the second image).


Only one handed weapons seem to be affected, as dual wielding's idle isn't affected as shown in the next image, though movement is.



I really don't know where I've gone wrong.

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I also had this problem with the T-pose. it occurred after patch 1.8, there is a file that is not compatible with this patch.

maybe it's your problem.


open: data \ meshes \ actors \ character \ behaviors \ 0_master.hkt.


this file "0_master.hkt" remove! do not delete for safety.

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