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The Invisible OBSE

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I'm a tad confused, I have OBSE installed, I installed it before Lovers, but it doesn't recognize that OBSE is installed. I'm using the most recent versions of both, but it just won't recognize. What am I doing wrong?

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What you did wrong

Could be

1. not read the OBSE readme

2. wrong installed Oblivion


1. there a two ways to install OBSE: Oblivion CD Version you need the obse_loader.exe .

Oblivion steam Version, no obse_loader.exe but the obse_steam_loader.dll and you must start Oblivion with the original Oblivion exe with activated steam.


2. Some other People had the same Problem, OBSE not working properly.

Do not install Oblivion in the folder specified by the Installation ( C:\ programfiles.....), Change it, best not in C: (if your Windows crashed/virus and you must delete whole C all your mods are gone). Problem are the fucking administrator rights, some Oblivion programs do not work right with the standart Folder, or you have Problems to overwrite files,......


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