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MonsterGirl Requirements?

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As mentioned, there's a few patches in later pages of the thread.


However, the mod is incredibly buggy, unfinished, and the creator was banned from LL. As it stands, it will probably never be finished. Not to mention it can cause a huge amount of conflicts with any number of mods.

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he was not banned because of the thread( i think), so i don't see a reason to delete unless he asks for it (he's banned, but i think he may still try to contact somebody about it if he didn't wanted it here)

and it's very buggy indeed, but woks fine most of the time, as long as you know what will conflicts with it, also some of the bugs are easy to fix (removing items with mising meshes, etc), i tried to fix some of then, but my construction set refused to save it, so if you know how to work a little bit with it you can fix most of the stuff by yourself

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