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Having an issue with devious devices and  Submit + Devious Devices Progression Mod.
after non concessional sex with a npc, my pc is bound and is given notice to escape before anyone notices, its during this time the game will CTD, it seems it crashes when it "rolls" over 100% to escape.

I would post my load order however I only thought to post a topic here after I uninstalled everything and started doing a clean install..... so that will be 3 or so hours for me to download again (curse you steam and your slow downloading)

if anyone has heard of this problem please post the super obvious fix that I over looked   :P


before I uninstalled it all I had installed was the items needed to get Submit + Devious Devices Progression Mod running like sexlab framework, skeletons, all the requirements for sex lab and so on.

things I did try
run FNIS (lots)

re-downloaded mods

re-installed mods

removed all mods that where not needed to remove possible conflicts

started a new game

messed with settings


sorry about not posting a log or load order, if the issue remains after a fresh skyrim install I shall post a load order and logs.... if not well Ill spread the word that everything is working again



(also wow i have been here for half a year and this is my first post O.o)

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I think I may have found what was wrong while waiting for skyrim to download.


taken from the mods page: www.loverslab.com/topic/28940-submit-devious-devices-progression-mod/



If you already have, or have ever had, SexLab Submit installed and/or SexLab Submit - Devious Devices (with or without Progressive Bondage) then...

1. Uninstall both mods
2. Make sure SexLab Submit.esp, SexLab Submit.bsa AND Submit Belt.esp are all deleted from your skyrim/data folder.
3. Make sure SexLab Submit.esp, SexLab Submit.bsa AND Submit Belt.esp are all deleted from your skyrim/data folder, it is really important!!

You are now ready to install the new version of Sexlab Submit Progressive Bondage.



I installed SexLab Submit before I installed Submit + Devious Devices Progression Mod and from what I am reading SL submit is not only not needed for SL SUB + DD PB but is not meant to be installed at all with it.

after I test this out I shall post back here to report 
success or failure

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it stops crashing while I am bound how ever it no longer renders bindings or bondage devices such as the post that holds your arms above your head or the table.

it will however crash after I am free......

I guess its time to grab some logs

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so here are the logs.

I have no idea how you people read this...



after some more testing I have found that the game crashes when you hit the submit key after you have already submitted, had sex/rape and broken free of your bonds and then go to submit to the same npc when he/she is chasing you


Edit, Edit: will also crash if you have more then one npc that you are submitting to


Edit, Edit, Edit: well seems like as long as I don't hit the submit key or have auto submit turned on to do it for me it wont crash, If anyone has an idea as to why it is crashing please let me know.

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