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Issue editing ctaddpose files


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I started using blender today, and just finished looking through the modders resources for a proper tutorial, but couldnt find all the details I needed. What Im attempting is a pose edit of the ctaddpose files, specifically the japanese packs. Each pose is a .kf and a .nif for actor and creature. I imported the skeleton.nif for the actor and used the .kf file for the pose animation, and was able to modify the actor pose in blender. However, once I export the file and overwrite the original .kf in the pose pack, the pose no longer works. Im not sure where I goofed but I assume since its a static pose I have to incorporate the .nif in the .kf somehow. What did I miss?

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What did you miss:

1. Telling us what game you are doing this for (it actually matters as each game has a different export procedure).

2. You might have exported things wrong.

3. You might need to change the name inside the exported nif\kf file to match the one you are replacing.

4. You might need to change the animation cycle to loop if it is something that repeats (default cycle is to play once for some games).

5. Posting your blend file and your exported nif\kf file (posting the original nif\kf as well as the new one would be helpful).


Bottom line, the less you make us guess, the better we can help.  As it is currently, we can't do jack for you.

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Fair enough. Here's what I got:


1. Oblivion

2. The export method was taken from this guide on nexus http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Creating_character_animations .

3. I think that may have been the step I missed after exporting the .kf from blender.

4. It's a static pose so I don't think it loops.

5. I don't actually have a  .blend file, I imported the skeleton and the parts without saving it. I deleted the file I made once I realized it didn't work, so I'll redo it soon. The base files are in the erori-2 addpose pack for oblivion. I'll upload them when I get to my PC.


Thanks, Greg!


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Simple three step guide to knowing whether or not your pose will work in Oblivion:

First, check if it re-imports properly into Blender. Ensure that the number of frames displayed after re-import as well as the animation itself are both correct.

Second, make sure you changed the exported kf file's name within nifskope to something like SpecialIdle or SpecialIdle_CastSelf, and make sure you've got the loop\clamp set correctly.

Third, don't swap the file you've performed the previous functions on for a different one before launching your game.


Seriously now, once you re-do the animation please post the files so we can try to help you. We can do very little if you've already deleted the files.

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