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Good Tutorials for Custom CBBE Bodies


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I am having trouble find truly good tutorials for getting a custom body mesh as a replacement for the default CBBE mesh and slider sets. Don't get me wrong, CBBE is a fantastic system, but I am looking to get more control than what Bodyslide offers.


Ideally, I would export a body from Bodyslide, take it into my 3D program of choice, shape it perfectly, then bring it back into Bodyslide as a morph so I can use it to generate armor/clothing. I don't care about maintaining existing morphs since I want to add many more triangles, but I am trying to avoid the hassle of dealing with NIFs and animation weights.



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You can't not deal with nifs and depending on what you do, you might need to do deal with animation weights again.


Since you don't care about morphs and all that why even use bodyslide/outfit studio in the first place?


Just make the body you want in 3d modelling program and export as .nif.?


Feel free to use chat link if you need help with importing/exporting nifs into blender/3dsmax.

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Well I was hoping to somehow use Bodyslide to apply my modeling edits to bypass having to deal with NIFs and reweight the mesh--especially for TBBP and the like.


If dealing with NIFs isn't actually that hard, I would much rather go that route though. I have had more luck finding tutorials for that, but dealing with the XPMS rig and weights is going to be a challenge (I am a good artist, not much of a technical artist).


Right now I import the base CBBE body, and it comes in with the ridiculously detailed XPMSE, but the mesh doesn't even deform when I move the bones.


Thanks for the reply by the way.

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