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Outfit Studio Set Texture Issues

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Hey, I've been dabbling in Outfit Studio with a few outfit conversions, but I've been having a issue where the outfit has the same texture as the body I'm converting it to.


Here's a picture for reference. I've run into it when trying to convert a Fox Armor and the Fairy Tale armor to CBBE as well. My texture paths are pointed to the right files, and the outfit studio texture points to the same, but it still happens. Anybody got a idea?



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That's just mishandling of skin transformation data.


Which is a 2 part problem.

The original nif has terrible skin transforms.

AND Outfit Studio is unable to properly apply and align those skin transforms.


Luckily you only need 1 of those to be solved:

Either use 3dsmax (Or blender I guess...) and fix your skin transforms correctly.

OR wait for an update to OS for the terrible skin transforms to be applied correctly.

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