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Okay, first of all I want to thank everyone contributing on the forums and making these awesome mods for us.


So, long story short. I've been playing Skyrim since I bought it with mods installed (71 hours). After few setbacks I've managed to get my graphical improvement- and basic sexlab mods working properly. Now since I got myself into this mess I want to go even deeper and lets be honest, into a proper sex fantasy experience. While keeping main purpose on playing through that great story of Skyrim. Therefore I'm re installing Skyrim and all of its mods.


I've used NMM and lately only MO and here's my question: Can I install EVERYTHING using MO and get it working properly? Or should I manually install all body and hdt physics mods (+ all extensions and collision) for the best result?


I have used great tutorials on hdt physics from users Ensykment and Monsto Brukes. But while I'm trying to install these I have a feeling that I'm doing it wrong and it's not going to work. So when I run into a problem I get very frustrated, as I have no previous experience in using mods in games.


I've used both unp and cbbe bodies, but looks like cbbe is the way to go for most supported physics extensions?



- I wish all the best to everyone here and understand if you are fed up with these kind of posts. But this is my cry out for help because I want to finish     this "project" I imperceptibly started. Finally, pardon me for my poor english.

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