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CK/Nifscope question

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So im attempting to swap the slot used by Nightasy Undies so I can wear the pantys under my charters current armor since it dont have any. Ive looked up how to do it here http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Skyrim_bodyparts_number its very clear how to do it but when I went into one of the meshes in nifscope I noticed it didnt have a entry for sdismemberskininstance anywhere nor does any section have a partions list to swap the slot. The meshes i'm using are customized for my body choice via clothing converter but I know that didn't mess anything up since the base meshes didn't have that info either. I am gonna try em out in game with just the esp set for em to swap to another slot but figured id post this just incase it falls through. My question is without that data in the nif's is this gonna work or am I doomed to fail. And well if this is doomed to fail how do I make this work?


Base meshes are for demons seven base body using blabba's beta seven base body with the armor I want to use this with and possibly others as she levels is the sevenbase hdt remodeled armor found here http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53012/? and shes wearing the falmer heavy armor right now. Swapping to slot 49 for just the pantys so she can wear em with her armor and if a chastity belt gets equipped they come off. Provided this info just incase anyone needs it.



Edit: Odd I just loaded her back up and suddenly there pantys with the armor I know I was staring at her ass and snatch before I quit. Still would be nice to know this info incase I ever go for this again and cant find that data. And didnt work just swapping it in ck still saying slot 52.

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Not worried about Sos to much I only play females and while I have equipable sos shlongs I don't use futa mods at all. So im looking for info on swapping the pantys slot assignment if anyone has any tips its just nifskope I don't know how to do it since what i'm seeing in there doesn't match up with those meshes.

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