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Character always sad. (Literally)


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I copied and pasted this from an old post no one answered properly and has been archived.  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4655-character-always-sad-literally/


Is like no one else having this issue because nothing seems to work for me?  Restarting the game or the computer does nothing.  Mfg Reset puts it back to normal for a short period of time but, then right back to it... Showracemenu does nothing... errrggg...

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Do you use LOOT to order your mods? you should be

Do you use the latest SKSE? you should have it

Do you use the unofficial patches? you should probably have it


How do you install mods? NMM? Mod manager?

If you're not using mod manager(the superior way of installing mods) then maybe some old files are still left in your install?

Maybe try re-installing from scratch?

It's also a lot easier to troubleshoot issues with mod conflicts with mod manager.

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I use BOSS to order my mods.  I don't know what LOOT is.  Yes I have the latest SKSE.  Yes I use the unofficial patches.  I install all of my mods except FNIS using NMM.  I have cleaned all of my files with tes5edit. I use a script editing tool to kill all the orphan scripts that may be running.  I have the latest of everything.  If LOOT is better than BOSS than I'll try that but, all of this started when I noticed some updates came out and I upgraded.  Yikes I have about 200 mods...  Ok, I'm obsessed enough to actually uninstall and reinstall ALL of it but I'm hoping it won't come to that.

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