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Hair Physics


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As seen below, it's possible to rig hair to bones. That means it's possible to animate hair if new bones were implemented and animators had hair in mind.




This might be useful information for those seeking a more realistic Skyrim. :D



Hair by Bagserk.

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This doesnt need to be for a "more realistic" skyrim. I'm just tired of having to use short hair cause long hair clips through clothing, body parts.


But this is nice to see. maybe one day It will not clip and it will lay over armor, clothing and I can be happy. :shy:

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dont mention nwn I get nostalgic and cry

all the evenings I spent creating mods for that :) was a great time.


on topic, I feel decent hair physics is a must however I'm guessing a good skeleton that has all the bones one might want is some time away. Mostly because there will be different ideas on what would be redundant. I'd love to see one with a few bones that could be used to simulate gravity on clothes (rims of dresses that sway when standing still and that drag when running), hair bones that makes the hair blow and flow nicely, jigglybitbones ofcourse, maybe a beerbellybone and a bit of this and a bit of that.

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The main difficulty that could be tricky that i am seeing is going to be adding the collision for different armors and the hair, considering most custom armor sets that have been added in (Tera, Witcher, Other games to name some) most likely don't have anything of that sort implemented on them. The other thing i see might be a bit of slowness in the ragdoll for the bones, it would have to be a very..well..best way i can describe it is "Lightwieght" such as Never Winter Nights, having it able to "blow in the wind" type light, as well as being somewhat weighted down at the very ends of the hair model as to correctly hang down and always "wave" back down to the point like natural hair. Being no good at modding myself, do feel free to correct me if any of these ideas are wrong. :P

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Hair doesn't really support collision AFAIK. It just supports rigging. All I did there was weight the bangs to the breast bones in the Breast and Butt Physics skeleton.


All I know is that new bones specifically made for the hair are necessary for actual hair animations. The Breast and Butt Physics one should be taken as a base, otherwise we'll have to wait for something like the Maximum Compatibility Skeleton in Oblivion.

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