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three Mod Organizer questions


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So I have been avoiding learning Mod Organizer for as long as possible.  I just didn't want to deal with learning all the little quirks.


Whelp, I finally bit the bullet.  Here are the "quirks" that don't seem to be typical.  Hoping somebody may know what's up.


1)racemenu doesn't install all sliders.  some stuff works, but presets for custom races and breast and butt sliders don't show up.  I never had that with NMM.  To install racemenu all I did was activate it in the normal way.


2)when running bodyslide from MO, skin textures are so dark that you can barely see anything but black.  No it is not a missing texture texture.  It is a real texture, but you sort of have to squint your eyes and put your nose on the monitor to be able to tell that.  no clue why.


3)whenever I modify hdt.xml, the typical weird stuff happens like hair stapled to infinity, clothing sort of sitting in a puddle on the ground or breasts slowly growing through your back.  It is all the normal glitches that you get when your computer can't handle the physics, or when you make an ineffecient xml.  But the think is... these xml's are not new to me.  they worked just fine before I started using MO.


So... those are the three problems.  I wish I could give more info, but I can't even think of anything else to say that would be helpful.  I did find one post on lovers where another guy had the racemenu glitch.  The thread was 3 pages long, but I didn't see a solution anywhere in there.

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If you want quick responses you really should post on the MO forum that we have here ( the unofficial one created by awefularchdemon) Most of all your answers have already been answered there but they can answer it again or clarify it more if needed. There is a constant stream of assistance there on BS and apachi hair and others.

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