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textures seems help or idees

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while looking for high res skin textures , i have difficulties with seems.  i have dowloaded tons of textures , and tried different solutions .


i find that those who make body skin are different from those who make the faces !!! :s


always different collor or different  normals !!!      i know that Bethesda engine  is one od the culprit   and i find it seriously annoying :angry:


probable solution


1  - make a new cut  for the head  to mix 2 sorts of résolutions and or color !


2  - or to make one texture file includes the head hands and body (i am eploiting an idee inspired by Fejeena and Brorifun)


and started to assemble with gimp  and nifskope :

- first need to reduce resolution with a correct ratio to meet also an easy UV rescalling in nifskope hands to 512*512 head to 512*512 .

- seconde rescalling the uv  of with a multiple of 0.25 x,y.   and repositioning the uv to their new place.






for me this solution will make all body textures more uniform color with less seems (the foot exemple) .  also  their will be just one texture with every thing Inside less confusing less mixing  and easyly recolored alltogather. last it can be easyly reproduced to all races.



and here i am  !!!     i recolored  the head as good as i could but can not go further  as my abillities would dream.


but i will try again  and again .


before i spend my time on this  i would like to have opinions and idees i am open for any suggestions ! :idea:





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sorry i have no psd files just dds   that i have dowloaded from nexus .      i know with psd it would be much more easy to work around but i did not make those textures it is from Luchaire's  hgec for one and Navestea for the other.


i could post what i have done (meshes and textures) but not originals (do not have them here )

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dds is ok. Separate layers would be better but as dds you can not save Separate layers.


Edit: there is a big Problem , the head texture. There are 3 or 4 different head meshes which need different textures. So a all-in-one texture will only be compatible with one Head mesh.

Ok People can use your texture for Body, hands and feet, and use a original head mesh and head texture.


Edit2: have you tried my textures from Brorifun Question PM ? the one in the Imperial Texture 7z. They are nearly seamless.

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oups sorry did not realized you ask for save progress. :s (i do not have any progress save as it is just a begining draf ).


did not try with your imperial texture yet  (i have download it yesterday and will try it after tomorrow normally).


the purpos of this is to have a uniform texture  :cool: but yes as the file.nif is composed with different mesh you can still use other textures and meshes.


i just hope that someone who knows a big deal with SKIN TEXTURES would find this relevent (cross fingers). :blush:


the worse part is to rework the head color to meet the exact color of the body !!! :(

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