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Weird Specular Shine issue

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This dagger, not the shield. ;-)ycehs.jpg

This has been driving me nuts, I have tried different variations of textures and nif configurations but cannot get the white shine to be more metallic and less white when light reflects on it. Anyone have any tips or tricks to get rid of this effect? Thanks. Going to bed now so don't have much energy to write in detail what all I did. But if someone can just drop a few lines based on the image and what i said, maybe you have had this exact issue before and have an easy fix. Thanks


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Did you tweaked the bslightingshaderproperty flags 1 & 2 in nifskope? Make sure the SLSF2_Glow_Map is disable and the SLSF1_Environment_Mapping is enable - the dagger looks too glowing.


Have you tried to copy/past a bslightingshaderproperty from a vanilla/custom weapon with the desired effect?


Probably you already know this, but take a look here, maybe you can see what is the right setting.

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