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Quest scripting help

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I need to know how to write a script that can recognize if a quest is completed and, if so, set an NPC's relationship to follower before terminating the script. At this point I need to be babied through this for I haven't been successful with writing scripts. I'm looking into making followers out of Alva, Saadia, Amren and maybe a few others after their respective quests.


Any guidance on where to start teaching myself, example scripts, or a link to scripting commands within the creation kit tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Honestly, I'm hoping it's easy enough for someone to write the script for me.

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One of the things to consider is what will trigger the script. In this case the easiest ways is to either modify the quest and have it set the npc as a follower or use dialogue with conditions, of the two I would suggest the second. There are conditions that you can set so it will only show once a stage or quest is completed and you can have that use a script to change the npc to a follower. I am guessing you are going to have some dialogue with the npc concerning whatever is going on anyways.



To learn scripting you have to learn the basics or you won't get anywhere. The tutorials on the Creation Kit site are pretty good but some of the more advanced things take some work to figure out.

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