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No sex after dialogs

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any mods (tryouts, sewer slaves, drugdealers... etc) for exemple


For example: when you ask Dixon (i think it's from drugdealers mod) to give you another dose, he will demand you to pay off with your body, you will follow him to some private place and after his words "spread your legs" nothing will happen.


Another example: in Ceasar camp one bitch will force you to be legion's slut. Then you will come to any legioner ask him for something like "show me woman's place"

he will answer "bla bla bla good slave" and...... NOTHING!!


my sincerest apologies for my bad english.

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Load order can break a lot of things. The most important bits of load order:


1. FalloutNV.esm is first. Always.

2. Any DLC comes next.

3. Sexout ESMs can be in any position after the DLC, but need to be in the order Sexout.esm, SexoutCommonResources.esm, SexoutLegion.esm.


The next version of NG is going to check your load order and toss up an error if any sexout ESMs are before DLC, or in the wrong order themselves. ESP load order does not matter AFAIK.


The main menu problem happens with older versions of SCR I think. Are you installing everything with FOMM? Did you ever install any sexout mods without using FOMM?

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2nd to last sentence in my previous post. There are no load order concerns with sexout ESPs that I'm aware of, except that smalltalk (but not smallertalk) should be loaded before any other ESPs.


If you want to check for load order issues, just disable all your non sexout mods except the required ones (smalltalk/smallertalk, MCM, etc.) and see if the problem persists. If it doesn't, start enabling mods one at a time and see which one causes this issue.


If you have a *lot* of mods loaded (over 120 or so -- varies by person), things will start to randomly fail. Some people run into it at 110 or 120, others not until 170 or so, but it always gets to a point where activating one more mod screws up something random, and it doesn't matter what mod you have added.

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