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Is it possible to for Sex Mods to work with XBox 360 Controller

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Well I usually use XBox360 controller instead of the keyboard, since the movement and combat feel better this way. Nonetheless, it seems that I cannot alter the positions of player and NPCs if I am using XBox360 controller, so I had to switch back to Keyboard before sex. I wonder though, does XBox360 controller not work with Sex Mods? Or am I just not knowing how to use it?

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SexLab (and many other mods) use hot keys to do their work, and if you have a lot of hot keys, there is just not enough hot key availability on the controller to do it.  I use Better Vampires and if I used it's hotkey setup to it's full potential, there wouldn't be an unused key on my keyboard (or controller).  You can map any of the hot key setup in SecLab to a controller button, but you lose whatever that controller key was assigned to do.  Also, most hot key assignment cannot support multiple keys (LB and D-padUP - it will only take the LB or the DPUp, not both).  I suggest keeping a keyboard nearby for use with SexLab and any other mod that requires hot keys. You can use the keyboard and controller simultaneously (you don't have to turn off the controller in the settings menu), the only thing that is blocked in Skyrim when using both kb and controller is the ESC key on the keyboard.

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