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World Of Guns: Gun Disassembly


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For all you gun nuts out there.  Unfortunately, it's STEAM, but it's free.  (With the usual "$ for bonuses", of course)


EDIT: For the usual $50-60, they'll open up the whole program from the start with every weapon, including the new ones they make.




"Been having a bit of fun with a free program called World of Guns lately. The basic concept is you take firearms apart and reassemble them. The level of attention to detail as surprising. You can take guns apart to their most basic components and race the clock putting them back together. Give it a go, I'm sure some of you will enjoy it if you haven't already seen it."


I've found it to be very intuitive, and fairly straightforward.  A neat way to learn about various modeled weapons without real world access to those weapons.   Field strip it, or take it all the way down to the nuts and bolts.  Each part is labeled upon clicking on it, and hints are available if you get stuck as to where to go next.  It also has X-ray view, so you can see all the parts in operation during the firing sequence, and slow motion as well, so you can follow that sequence.  Best part?  The closest you get to killing things is silhouette targets.  It's a game focused on the weapon systems rather than the usual "shoot stuff", though there is a shooting range.  A nice change.  By the way, all the American weapons are available today (July 4th), without going through the tree to unlock them.


Really fun if you're into the subject, are detail oriented, and want to learn something.

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