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Ash Pile!!??!

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Long story short, whiterun vampire attack.


Everything seemed fine as I have USKP and Skyrim patched to 1.9 so the vampires and the guard's bodies disappeared. 


But Belathor got killed and I think somewhere in the middle the Vamp raised him and then now he is a pile of ash.


But it won't go away! 


All the other bodies and vamp ashes have disappeared but his remains. 


I am at work atm so I can't post a load order, but does anyone know why Belathor's ash remains? I have looted everything and his store has been taken over by Ysolda. 

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Console, click on the pile, write: disable, press enter.


Ohhh that's faster!



Also not recomended. MarkForDelete is preferable as this will remove them completely. All Disable does is make it invisible, the object is still there.


EDIT - Something occured to me. Check the inventories of those ash piles. There may be a semi-persistant or persistant item which will prevent normal despawn. http://uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Permanent_And_Persistent_Items

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