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Looking for a marirage sex mod


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So I used to use Enhanced Spouses, which was one of the few sexlab mods I used, as it made sex more natural in Skyrim, by making you'r spouse/husband come to ask you to for sex or show he's affection towards you, and the more you're relationship advanced, the more sexual things you could do. But unfortunatly, the mod author left and the mod is no longer being supported. If it keeps like this, I'm not sure if I would like to keep using as it may start causing issues later on.


So I just want to know if there is a mod that can make sex a bit more natural in Skyrim, nothing regarding slavery, rape or forced sex. Just sex with you're love one. :)

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Keep an eye on SexLab Stories.


I am adding a dialogue system to build relationships to any NPC based on how many times you have sex with them.


That will involve eventually seduction and coercion. 


For now, you can trigger a sex scene with an animation type based on your relationship with them.


The next version will turn that into a persuasion check with some dialogues.


You can also look at SexLab submit. That mod adds similar persuasion based dialogue to trigger sex.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but that's not really what I want. I instead found Sexlab Romance which I'm going to give a shot.


But could anyone clarify me if Sexlab Romance works with khajiit? Because when I married a khajiit with Spouces Enhanced it wouldn't work at all with him. :\

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Romance works with just about anyone you can talk to, since it's just a way to initiate sex via dialogue.  Does Lovers Comfort still work properly?  I remember it would initiate sex with your spouse after resting in the house's master bed as a means of applying the Lover's Comfort buff from the game.  It's simple, but gets the job done.

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