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Script Heavy Mods VS ini tweaks


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Okay so I am experiencing quite a bit of script lag. Especially with estrus for skyrim. Animations do not start up properly and repeat the beginning repeatedly. I know I can sorta fix this wtih ini tweaks but if I tweak them some of my other mods break. I have frostfall and wet and cold.

Are there other ways other than uninstalling mods to reduce script lag?
Which ini tweaks can I use without breaking my other mods?
i need to find a good balance.

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You can try the values consoles use, which have a default timing of 2000, iirc.
But overall, it's not recommended to change the script settings in the iNi and instead go with a compromise of which mods you use.

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increased to timing to 2000 animations do not repeat as much but still slow. Guess it is better than nothing?


Is it possible somebody can optimize the estrus for skyrim mod? I read a lot of comments about problems from users.

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Frostfall is very demanding on Papyrus. You're best off using Mod Organizer, set up different profiles for survival oriented mods (frostfall, needs), heavy combat, hentai, whatever.

I dropped frostfall & needs mods a while back and just go with wet & cold + a little roleplay on my part and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I'm happier keeping survival in the Fallout wasteland, it doesn't feel right in my swoeds & sorcery.

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For wet and cold, you can do this:

disable heat detection

disable creature support

disable cloak spell

set update time to 12 secs.


If you are using Enhanced Blood, there is an option

for the frequency of update script. Set it to any delay you



my 2 cents, hope it can help a bit.

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